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Young & Future Farmers Incubator Program (YFFIP)

The Young & Future Farmers Incubator Program is aimed at projecting agriculture and all its value added services as a viable, respectable and profitable business to young people, with focus on rural youth.

The YFFIP project will help grow future farmers from an unemployed young people who are concerned about food security and self-sustainability. The project will provide a more approachable entry into the world of agriculture by tackling the high-cost and high-risk nature of farming through the establishment of a collaborative farming model; a framework already developed extensively in other countries around the world.

The project will provide targeted beneficiaries opportunity to start small and work cooperatively. Through training programs and workshops, young people will be giving the opportunity to access the world of agriculture by providing them with access to land, resources and mentor-ship in order to experience growing a crop on a larger scale than as a peasant farmer. Beneficiaries will be provided with land, inputs, tools and expertise in order to grow and sell at least five acres of farm produce each season; the participants will be walked through each step of the process, from first cultivating the land and planting their seeds, to harvesting and marketing their end product.


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